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IM3 Ooredoo Lebaran 2016

IM3 Ooredoo Lebaran 2016
IM3 Ooredoo

IM3 Ooredoo wanted a greeting video for Lebaran (Eid al Fitr) in 2016, so we offered a quite unorthodox concept that would be different from the common tearjerker video. A visual poetry with strong message for Indonesians to make their Lebaran more meaningful.

We wanted to create a painting and hand-made feel in this work to match with the poem, as to drive home a  very down to earth message. We tried to visualize the poem and created artful transition from one point to another, and thus resulted in probably one of our favorite projects of all time.

Cuatrodia Creative
Production House
Cuatrodia Creative
Creative Director
Calvin Chandra
Achsan Pradiansyah
Motion Director
Nuansa Agi Perdhana
Rio Sabda
Motion Graphics Artist
Enjen Fitrohudin, Akhmad Fawaz