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Kumon Advanced Student Forum 2017

Kumon Advanced Student Forum 2017

Advanced Student Forum is an annual event held in Kumon, where students are awarded for their hard work during their academic year. We took the challenge to produce a series of multimedia content for their event which includes an opening animation, several award clips, and closing video.

We had a lot of fun working on this video, and the client was very supportive and gave us a lot of liberty in the design. With story provided by the client, we everything from storyboard to character design and environment. As the audience were primarily school children, the end result was an adventurous short movie that would make every child excited.

Cuatrodia Creative
Production House
Cuatrodia Creative
Creative Director
Calvin Chandra
Adhimas Putra Dewangga
Motion Director
Nuansa Agi Perdhana
Art Director
Ellena Ekarahendy
Wasi’ah Naila, Christina Abigail, Alvin Resqy
Motion Graphics Artist
Enjen Fitrohudin, Akhmad Fawaz, Alvin Resqy