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Telkom Managed Solutions

Telkom Managed Solutions
Telkom Solutionss
Motion Graphic, Animation

Telkom Solution, as it is aptly named, provides ICT solution for businesses to survive and flourish in today’s rapidly globalized market. With the power of technology, any business can grow beyond what is possible, and that is the firm belief of Telkom Solution. We were given the opportunity to create an explainer video to describe their value and services.

The visuals were inspired by  binary codes, as the shape was a representation of “0” and the line was a representation of “1”. Both graphic elements will overlap and complement each other, with bright color that symbolized the dynamic nature of business nowadays. From one scene to another, we used seamless transition to show how today’s communication is borderless.

Cuatrodia Creative
Production House
Cuatrodia Creative
Creative Director
Calvin Chandra
Rahadian Ardi Nugroho
Motion Director
Nuansa Agi Perdhana
Marissa Pratiwi, Tandy Mackenzie
Motion Graphics Artist
Ramdani Fitrian, Donny