General Questions
Motion graphic is versatile. It combines many visual elements like typography, illustration, colors, shapes, sound, and even live footage to create something new. Motion graphics as a medium is suitable for wide variety of content. From style to storytelling, motion graphic is adaptable.
The difference between motion graphic/animation and live shoot is quite easily discernible. Live shooting involves real footage of real objects being shot with a camera, while motion graphic/animation does not.. The difference between motion graphic and animation is often blurry and both terms are often used interchangeably, and that’s okay. As told by Disney, animation is an illusion of life. It creates characters and put them into narrative to communicate ideas. Motion graphic does not require characters, only visual elements: shape, color, space, typography. In reality though, motion graphic, animation, and live shoot are often used together to create amazing works.
That is a fascinating question. We of course cannot generalize that every message only requires one right medium, but if we can share our insight, we usually suggest our clients who want to deliver complicated concept to use motion graphic. In the other hand, we suggest our clients who want to deliver heartfelt human emotion to use live shoot. Motion graphic and animation can be used to visualize abstract concept and visual effects not easily achievable through live shoot. Live shoot is usually used to deliver realistic human interaction and emotion. Of course, every case is unique, and we cannot always strictly follow these principles.
We do! We love projects that challenge our creativity, both in visual and storytelling, but we especially love projects that give us free reign to create something new, be it new visual style or new visual narrative.
Studio & Workflow
Cuatrodia originally stands for “cuatro media”, which means “four media”, because our services include audio visual production, motion graphic and animation, graphic design and illustration, and digital interface. Along the way, we like to think that it also includes four pillars of our values: we work passionately, we listen attentively, we treat others kindly, and we experiment frequently.
We mostly work in the field of video productions (both live shoot and motion graphic), but as long as it is in the scope of graphic design and motion graphic, we do them all. We’ve done company profile books, websites, and illustrations as well.
Tons of money! We’re kidding (or maybe not), but we truly appreciate if you have a clear mind of what you want, the goal that you need to achieve. Is it a certain effect you want to your audience? Is it a specific message you want to deliver? We can help you better if you do! Plus, it does not hurt to have an open mind so we can work together and create something truly special in this partnership.
Yes, we have worked with several clients from abroad. Those were pleasant experiences and we are always open for wider audience.
Because creative processes, especially good ones, take time. There is a timeline and milestone for every project! You can check our workflow to understand the meticulous process that we go through whenever we are working on a project.
There is. We cannot work on a single project forever right? Plus, every project has a deadline. Of course we try our best to deliver with maximum effort, but there certainly is a limit of revisions, especially when we’re working on a tight timeline.
We definitely do! We have a lot of connection with freelancers and we regularly work with them. If you are inclined to join our ranks of freelancers, drop us a mail and introduce yourself! We’ll be happy to look
Color and size, even if they seem unimportant, are very important if we take aesthetics seriously. We surely don’t want to slap a shoddy paint job to our cars, do we? The same thing applies to our projects. We want to deliver the best, and each change will take considerations. It’s like trying to change one element of a dress. You have to think about the how this change affects the look of the whole dress. We want the wearer to still look fabulous.
Pricing & Intellectual Property
Ideas are priceless, they say, and the execution costs even more. If that sounds like an oversimplification, then we will gladly explain. Our works take several stages to create, and every stage requires people and tools and other resources to make. As an analogy, take a look at the process of building a house. We need architects, contractors, builders, and the materials. The same goes for our works. We need directors, designers, writers, animators, musicians, and many more.
Every project is unique, and there is no certain amount of money you have to spend. The cost is based on the production value, definitely. Ring us up and let us talk about how we can help you, and we will calculate the cost. What we can promise is that we give you the best value.
Your brand is too valuable for that! Other than legal reasons like copyright infringement, your brand has to be distinguishable from the others, and there is no other way than to make a unique visual content!
Of course we don’t charge for every revisions, but sometimes when it’s too much and it is jeopardizing the project timeline, we have to charge additional fee because it requires more resources to work on those revisions.
It is a unique case, depends on every contract. If it is stated on the contract, then you can.
Advice for Students
Pretty much so! Of course we will first evaluate the intern’s capabilities so he/she will not be overwhelmed, but every intern who have had a chance to work with us had been involved in real projects in certain degrees. Some even contributed in award winning projects!
Aside from technical skills, you will learn about working in a team and on your own, managing your work timeline, and holding responsibilities. You will also learn to communicate better with your supervisor and/or team members, and the pipeline of a production.
Of course skills are very valuable, but aside from skills we truly appreciate interns who are willing to learn and give their best. Attitude is a sure heart winner, and we highly value nice people. The industry is very competitive, and being a difficult person won’t bring you anywhere. Always be kind!
Definitely! We are against unpaid internship.
Some interns have been assigned as full-timer, and we only hire promising ones into our team. Just like everywhere else, people with higher skill and better attitude have more advantage.
Internship is the first plunge into real life. You will not learn everything in campuses. Your university is a great incubator for ideas and learning, but you have to be prepared for the real life, and internship is a window to the world. It is where you learn to handle real projects, collaborate with people, and learn interpersonal skills.